Message From the CEO

PortHöfner Inc. expanded its business over its 10 years existence, focusing on software development, implementation, and support of public and private systems.

We recently started commissioned IT work in the teleworking business with great response. I am grateful because we could not receive such a great response if it were not for our customers, partners, and our exceptional employees to whom I am truly blessed.

Based on our fundamental belief of an "IT business but with an analog mind", we respect our fellowship and provide attentiveness to make people’s lives “楽” raku (easy; enjoyable) with efficient use of IT technology, from which we strive to share this gained happiness and excitement with others.

The value of one’s personal and work life increase as one’s responsibility increases in quality, quantity and breath. We will continuously develop as our employees mature.

Our ideal company image for Porthofner’s 20th anniversary, called the “the Next 10 Plan” was formulated by our employees.

This plan aims to further expand our IT products, improve our proposal and technical skillset, and increase our employee satisfaction while maintaining excellent customer and partner attentiveness and efficient use of technology.

January 2019

Manabu Ishibashi

President & CEO